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Memorial stage to learn.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 mayo, 2019

Students and professors of the faculty of agronomy of the University of Matanzas, will develop this May 29 the closing of its Memorial Day, an event dedicated to the historical and environmental ephemeris that converge in the first half of the year.

When referring to this event, the master’s degree in science Milagros Alfonso Cabrera detailed that in this period a broad and varied program of activities aimed at celebrating Water Day and Meteorology Day materialized, on March 22 and 23, respectively.

“Another 22, but in April, we celebrated Earth Day, on May 17, the Cuban Peasant’s Day and Race Day and the 22nd that of Biodiversity.

Dates that undoubtedly are dedicated to phenomena and elements that have a direct link with the specialty of agricultural techniques

“We integrate all these ephemerides in a scientific, educational and productive day that provide the student with criteria of sustainability of the sector they represent, that is, the agricultural sector. Logically, the ideas related to the implementation of the actions of the Life Task are added, as part of the awareness towards the Cuban youth and in particular Matanzas starting from the vulnerability that our province has before the effects of climate change.

“Our future agricultural technicians have to master the measures to be applied to mitigate the damages that are registered in such a sensitive scenario as is the agriculture whose labors and biological processes are usually carried out in the open.”

Based on these reasoning and actions, the program was designed for this May 29th.

“A very illustrative video will be screened that links agriculture with new forms of production, there will be a second moment devoted to recognizing the students and professors who stand out in the sports, cultural, scientific and investigative spheres because we have winners in the National Agricultural Forum “.

And the highlight, Milagros said with a certain air of complicity, will be the presence of Dr. José Rubiera.

“Dr. Rubiera will offer us a keynote address on climate change and the influence of extreme weather events on agriculture and livestock. This conference will be a unique moment for the history of the faculty and the University of Matanzas. ”


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