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Virgin who arrived by water and entered homes.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 3 junio, 2019

Through the waters of the intermittent rivers that resurfaced with strength in Matanzas as a sub-site of the Havana Biennial, the artistic virgin conceived by Adrián Sancho arrived to the first modern city of Cuba to bless the city and the changes that for good in it they were raised from the culture. After the local chapter of the Biennial, there is a bit of that work in many Cuban homes.

The Virgin project that you arrive by waters was always conceived to propitiate the relation with the public, the work rolled by the city, saluted its evolution and invited the town to take care of the transformations, explained the author, happy for the experience of leaving the galleries .

I lived wonderful moments, I never imagined that they would put little in the boat, put sunflowers or wish them, I was amazed by the reaction and I appreciate it, the creator confessed.

Vigía Square, the Office of the Curator of the City, the Narváez street walkway, were included in the route of the personal project that, according to the artist, ceased to be his alone to be of all those who supported him.

Adrián explained that of the 326 virgins who came together in the proposal glorifying the 326 years to which the city of Matanzas approaches, the first hundred were decorated by him, but the rest were painted by children in the Conrado Massaguer art gallery, in Cárdenas.

Since May 14th , more than a hundred Matanzas took home part of Sancho’s work, along with the San Juan River, numerous hands extended interested in art; The Virgin that arrived by waters was resized and entered the homes where perhaps today, some offer sunflowers and ask her for wishes.


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