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Matanzas offensive in the sub 23, it was not enough to classify.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 4 junio, 2019

The baseball game is won by the team with the most runs, however, sometimes this statistic is not decisive when it comes to winning a championship, as it happened this year with the Matanzas team in group B, of the National Series, sub-23.

Matanzas scored a total of 269 races in the 36-game series, first in that important department, while the owner, Cienfuegos, scored 244, 25 fewer.

The difference was that of the twelve staged games between the two, the Southerners won seven and scored 65 races for 60 «crocodiles», little difference, but enough to send the second place to the home. In this analysis we see that Matanzas scored 209 races to his other two rivals of the group, Villa Clara and Mayabeque, a difference much higher than the 179 that Cienfuegos achieved against the same rivals.

The most batting teams of this fair were Sancti Spíritus, holder of group C with average of 328 and Matanzas, second of B, with 306. In this section, Cienfuegos descended in the last two games from a third position to the fifth with 298, dominated by the good work of the pitchers from Matanzas.



If something should be noted in the troop of the province, was that he managed to maintain an offensive step outstanding throughout the qualifying stage, supporting a body of pitchers who could do better, but an untimely leg injury Armando Dueñas, his most experienced shooter, kept him out of play for more than 18 days after the half of the fair, as well as suspension by indiscipline of his best lefty, Dennis Quesada, before the championship, without forgetting the unstable defense that decided some games.

Numerous highlights of Matanzas collectively were: his leadership in doubles with 80; largest producer of extra bases with 112 (80 doubles, 13 triples and 19 homers); leader in runs scored with 269 and in runs with 236; first in slugging, 441; in addition to the second positions in batting; OBP (percentage of men per bases), of 409 and an OPS of 850, only surpassed by the representatives of Sancti Spíritus.

In terms of individualities, the most notorious was the performance of the initialist and designated hitter, Ronney Muñiz, a sensation in each stadium in which he was presented due to his strength in the attack and the opportuneness of his connections.

Since the time of the great junk-thrower, Lazaro Junco, he had not seen the public stand up and applauds before each appearance to the plate of a Matanzas player as has happened this year with this young promise of Matanzas baseball.

Ronney Muñiz, a native of the municipality of Calimete, 20 years old, with an approximate weight of 240 pounds well distributed in his six feet and three inches of height, averaged 375 batting to add 45 non-stoppable, of them 21 extra bases, in 120 times at bat, in addition to receiving 22 walks, of which eight were intentional.

Other outstanding offensive parameters of this right-handed batter in the tournament are his leadership of 50 RBIs, outstanding OBP of 519, sluggins 667 and a high OPS (sum of sluggins and OBP), of one thousand 186. Let’s add that he produced with runners in base for 418, against left-handed pitchers for 405 and against 359 rights.

Although Muñiz took the show, as it is said in the popular jargon, there were other players who had good performances as are the cases of the third baseman Esteban Terry who produced for 367 product of 47 jits, leader of the team, in 128 times; the torpedo Juan Miguel Martinez, 358 to bind indisputable 43 in 120 occasions; the outfielder Dariel Polledo, with 40 jits in 117 opportunities for average of 342 and the patrolman Roberto Álvarez, with 41 untraceable and 315 batting.

Among the pitchers we cannot fail to mention Armando Dueñas, who contributed five wins, Renier Rivero added four, and Reymond Piñeiro and Naikel Cruz with three wins, each.

Matanzas got 20 successes and 16 defeats in his key, only surpassed by Cienfuegos, who qualified for the semifinals with 24 and 12 and will be seen in that stage, from Friday the 7th, with the current national champion of the category, Isla de la Youth. In the eastern zone they will discuss the pass to the final Sancti Spíritus and Santiago de Cuba.

The posts from five to eight, to close the first division were occupied by Pinar del Rio, Ciego de Avila, Matanzas and Granma, in that order.











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