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Tattooing or not tattooing, that’s the question.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 junio, 2019

Tattoos gain popularity in 2019. Among the fashions linked to body art, they occupy the number one position for young people. Each time a greater number of people undergo the procedures and put a permanent drawing on their skin.

«My cousins ​​when they turned 15 began tattooing and I also wanted to.

My father told me that after he was that age but I got my first tattoo hidden at 13. I liked the needle and in less than three months I already had seven. At the beginning they were terrible, now I am covering them with other better ones and I have already lost the account «, expressed Yaidel Hernández Gómez, a young lover of tattoos.

This modification of the color of the skin will accompany the person for the rest of his life. It represents a need to go to specialists who guarantee the best possible results. The professional must be qualified and know about the plastic, tattoo and health and hygiene measures.

«It’s about introducing the ink through needles, between the dermis and the epidermis to achieve a specific design. Everything must be handled with sterile gloves, an air-conditioned and clean room is required, without people smoking around. The client must be over 18 years old, be sober and with clean and hydrated skin, «explained Maikel Santos Cabrera, tattoo artist at the Maik Santos Tattoo Ink studio.

The increase in the popularity of the tattoo leads, sometimes, to the wrong decision making. Those who wish to perform one should know the risks. During and after the procedure the skin is weakened and exposed to different bacteria.

«Many times they are tattooed by fashion without taking into account complications, illnesses, asepsis or antisepsis measures, or weather conditions. Often young people who have been tattooed and made dermatitis, access or have contracted some variant of hepatitis. We have no record of HIV transmission cases through this route, but it is taken into account during the consultation, «said Anelis del Sol Orta, a specialist in  General Medicine.

It is an important aspect to verify the capabilities of the tattoo artist, their hygiene conditions and the quality of their work. In this way the person ensures that his tattoo becomes a work of personal art.




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