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Who does Donald Trump punish?

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 3 julio, 2019


Practically after buying the ticket to come to the International Humanistic Workshop 2019, the president of the United States Donald Trump prohibited travel to Cuba, eliminated thousands of tickets to get to the island on the cruise ships, who is he punishing? Gustavo Gac-Atigas, Chilean writer based in North America.

In the Cuban capital, the cruise ship dock is eager for visitors; the restrictions punish the people who were waiting to proudly show Old Havana and the new one; the broken dialogue; not only punishes the island economically, it tries that the towns do not converse, that the people do not open the mind, affirmed Gustavo during recent visit to the city of Matanzas.

I left my country a long time ago for obvious reasons, if you could see my white beard, in a beautiful period before a horrible coup, I now live in New Jersey, I am a member of the American Academy of the Spanish Language, married to the Professor Priscilla Gac-Artigas, we met in Paris during the exile, she said.

For me, it is the first time in Cuba, since I got off the plane, I was surrounded by the heat, the human aspect of Cuba, and above all I made a dream that began in 1968 in the south of Chile. In Valdivia, in the most Austral University, I left a little sign that said: Goodbye I’m going to Cuba. I arrived now, a little later, the trip was extremely long, with many scales going around, and however the affection for Cuba is permanent, said the theater director.

In 1968 Cuba was the dream of Latin America, we all looked at the example, the Cuban Revolution was a beacon. Today Cuba, with its contradictions, is looking for ways, is remade, was and is blocked and the blockade is criminal – Gustavo affirmed with certainty – Cuba is smiling, the ethical way of seeing the world, it is an island they are trying to isolate, but Cuba for us is an important part of the world outside the island.



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