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Half unfinished, challenges for a happy ending.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 julio, 2019

Medio Street remained static in time after the 325th anniversary of the founding of the city of Matanzas. Only two blocks from the populated artery were arranged as part of the resuscitation of the city.

Entering the central Matanzas area from the patrimonial Plaza de la Vigía is a spectacle applauded by people in Matanzas: the first two paved streets, with the prudent restoration of facades and sidewalks, invite you to distinguish how beautiful the first modern city of Cuba is.

Space that must be well taken care of because sometimes unscrupulous hands mistreat what cost the city so much to recover from its old lethargy. Social indiscipline cannot destroy what sweat, money and desires cost to have.

While it is true that the decoration brings a “landscape” that took a 360 degree turn, the image of the also known Athens of Cuba does not feel the same if we enter the famous Medio Street in reverse.

The picture changes when you walk the Matanzas commercial area from the street Dos de Mayo and we know that resuscitation is a transit to restore the splendor to the city, a project that will last until 2025, but for my taste of Matanzas “daughter”, with some slowness in its actions.

I hope that the markets are rebuilt and that the strategies to make attractive the former Independence Street have the addition that today, in my humble opinion, boasts the pedestrian promenade of Narváez, a place so popular and well received by young people, a place of meetings, music, dances and other options cherished by the San Juan waters.

There are jobs that can be delayed for reasons that we understand, others must have the priority of what is necessary, more when the transit through the foundational plaza was closed. And I’m talking about Jovellanos Street, an intersection of good vehicular traffic that today is beating between the asphalt and the cobblestone, and that currently shows a major deterioration of the road.

Medio Street is the place where people from Matanzas pass and those who visit the city; the so-called Matanzas boulevar is waiting for an accelerated progress of its restoration, options that invite the varied tasting of a happy ending.






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