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Economic measures: accommodation and shooting.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 julio, 2019

When discussing the economic measures recently announced in the nation, criteria that defend varied views of the matter arise.

Therefore, I consider it appropriate to continue expressing my assessments in this regard, especially when they call for order and discipline. I am of the opinion that there have always been selfless workers who are the ones who save the country in any time and circumstance.

Also, for many years, those who work part-time and go out for a walk while the papers and responses to the population are piled up. Those who start talking and do not serve clients or mistreat them, and then say that they are exhausted from so much work; those who leave work early for adjustments, without completing its content and leave cases and reports postponed, to which pending signatures and stamps are added for days, weeks and months.

There are those who do not deposit the profits, because they set out to solve their personal problems and promote crime; those who alternate the working day, without meaning more time and content in the day or those who go out to have lunch or lunch and spend the hours and return to their functions when it is time of departure.

There is a lot to do and organize and there are cases that still need to be cited or perhaps even unknown. The moment is to increase the productive spirit, the desire to serve others along with quality. They are shots against insensibility and indolence.

It is not that superhuman fulfillments are requested, but rather that what corresponds to their work is achieved with results in the performance for the good and agile, for the opportune and profound, for the consequent with this moment that we live, in order to achieve that country that we all want, now with a decent salary that alleviates our needs.



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