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The cocuyo of Sauto.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 julio, 2019

For some mortals, 50 years is a whole life, however for René Dámaso, better known as “Pirolo”, it represents decades of dedication to work with the lights of a theater, the Sauto de Matanzas.

On July 10th, 1969, he set out on the art of enlightenment. His soul was imbued with the love of his colleagues, friends and family.Pirolo, a man of small stature, but of immense spirit, gives off the light of a dynamic and charismatic personality. Reasons why his colleagues baptized him as “El cocuyo del Sauto”.



“This was really a surprise because I could not imagine the appreciation of my co-workers about my work management, the truth is I do not have words to express what I feel”. He makes silence and sighs excitedly.

What were your beginnings of work in the Sauto theater?

“I worked as an electrician in Cubanitro and I was poisoned with acid, so the medical commission ordered me to change jobs. Then I entered the Sauto theater as an electrician and I went deep into my work until I discovered the world of lights. I started to know and learn about the art of lighting because I really liked it more than electricity. ”

What have been your greatest experiences as a Sauto worker?

“My greatest pleasure has been to teach the course of lights to young people of the first and second years of theater at the School for the Training of Art Instructors. In addition to sharing my lighting knowledge with other companies.

What does the Sauto Theater represent for Pirolo?

“Everything  my girl. The theater is my home, my family. I spend more time here than in my real home, since I start work in the morning and finish at night. ”

Will he still be the lighting designer when the Sauto reopens its doors?

“Until now I think at least to participate in the reopening. I do not know if life allows me to continue, although my colleagues want me to continue working. While I am in all my capacity, I will continue “.What message would you give people in Matanzas at this time in your life?

“I tell people from Matanzas that when the Sauto theater reopens that they come to him, but that they take care of him and respect him because he is an architectural beauty that has been reborn thanks to the sacrifice of all those who work in him”.


Photos: Abel López Montes de Oca









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