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The desert of pain.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 julio, 2019

There is a desert in Latin America that witnesses the pain of hundreds of American families. There the human flesh melts between the fatigue and the sweat of those who, beyond the hills, find a «paradise».

Many arrive from afar and cacti are no more than another barrier that separates them from the world of abundance. On the other side, the one who runs with luck, or with green tickets, receives a relative or friend. Not everyone has that happiness.

Hundreds of people leave their lives marked with a barbed wire and are detained in the so-called immigrant shelters. There, in miserable conditions, they wait to be returned to their country, children who cry out for their parents, young raped at the hands of the border patrol and tears that pierce the memory and the heart.

Up to the current month of July, 18th,503 Central Americans returned from the United States. to the Aztec country this year and, still, thousands more put their lives at risk every day. For the majority it is not a question of politics, but of living the so-called «American dream».

How not to want to live in a country where luxury is sold in the media, where a brand seems the solution to most problems or a simple sweet cookie makes you feel indescribable sensations to the palate?While the USA it exploits other regions of our continent in search of raw materials and natural resources, others are left with nothing more than the desperation of an expensive people.

The northern country squanders its millions to make land the progress of leftist governments and encourages families to look for emigration a better future for their children.

Is it possible to supply food to a country and then throw dogs on the street to people who are going to look for yours?

Things of hostile and incoherent policies like the one used by the Trump government. But it seems that it is about keeping the big racist millionaires happy who pay for their political campaign, in which more than the necessary amount is invested to improve the conditions of immigrant shelters.

The flow of people to that country has become a constant point in the agenda of the head of the White House; however, this ignores the possibility of non-aggression to the rest of the countries of America, as an alternative to reduce the migration crisis.

If instead of creating disturbances and walls, invest their power to protect the thousands of inhabitants living on the streets of the US, far fewer people will venture to lose their lives far from the land that saw them born.



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