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Why does not the city of Matanzas have a Honey House?

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 julio, 2019

When the commitment is that Matanzas is the destination city and not why not provides the city of San Carlos and San Severino with a House of Honey, a space for marketing the product and its derivatives with proven health benefits human

If you have visited or visit the main cities of the provinces of Cuba, you will verify that there is a House of Chocolate, Habano, Rum and even Honey. Attractive products for national or foreign tourism, centers designed for the enjoyment of travelers and their inhabitants.

The idea, nothing unfortunate, is based on the fact that the western province represents one of the largest producers of syrup and its derivatives with figures that exceed one thousand tons annually.

Government authorities confirmed the existence of a Honey House project that will be added to the resuscitation actions of the city.   However, the property is still in process and details are required with the Office of the City Curator, explained Lorenzo Jesús Falcón Sotolongo, director of the Jovellanos Beekeeping Business Unit.Preliminary studies show that the investment, not yet approved, will exceed one million pesos with offers in national currency and currency.

The above expresses the will to build the Casa de la Miel in the city of Matanzas. However, citizens promptly demand this space that would generate employment and multiply the options for visitors and inhabitants of the Venice of Cuba.

A Honey House that contributes to the local development, with a setting of its own in line with a tercentenary city, where the precious product is acquired with multiple benefits for human health and used in African religious practices rooted in the identity of Matanzas.



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