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With the blue railing full of handymen.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 julio, 2019

Upstairs, not a few saw everything, and the healthy curiosity of the children stimulated the artisans of Ediciones Vigía that this summer again invited infants and adolescents to participate in a Creation Workshop to learn more about the art of making books with their hands.

Last Tuesday, heading to the top floor of the number one block of Magdalena Street, the blue railing of the staircase was filled with anxious hands to explore unknown spaces of a building next to which, perhaps, many times passed but few entered. .

After illustrative explanations about the origin of the editorial that since April 1985 is dedicated to the creation of craft books, the apprentices of Marialva Ríos concentrated on coloring, cutting, tear and combine materials to create plaquettes with poems by José Manuel Espino.

For some it was a game, but all gradually gained awareness of the responsibility of creating a publication, working from the text of a Cuban author, and inventively designing the image that will accompany the literary content.

The designer Marialva Rios, always sweet and with patience indicated the basic ways, suggested and corrected procedures with kindness, and even the accompanying adults came up with desires to help and be accomplices in the creation.

From Tuesday to Friday, suns, trees, buttons, flooded cardboard and paper to accompany poems. In August the call will be repeated, and perhaps many more children fill the blue railing to explore  Vigía Editions, and enrich the family that makes books with their hands.




Very close to the creation space, unique examples served as references as objective expressions of how to convert different types of cartons and papers, recycled materials and natural fibers, in valuable works where plastic arts and literature are combined.


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