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Matanzas Delegation receives the flag that represents the National Conference of the Trade Union of Industry.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 julio, 2019


Proud to represent their colleagues at the second National Conference of the Trade Union of Industries, the 12 delegates from the province of Matanzas received the banner that accredits them as participants in this event, which will take place in Havana on 12th, 13th and 14th of September 2019.

One of the workers who will attend the meeting is Javier López Rodríguez, from the EISA base business unit, former Granma plant, who expressed that it constitutes a commitment for him because his group trusts that he can represent them and discuss in that platform the problems that today it presents the sector of Industries in Matanzas and in the rest of the country.

The delegate Esther María Gutiérrez, general secretary of the trade union section of the Confecciones Textiles UNIMODA, said that her presence in the National Conference constitutes not only the recognition of work as a trade union leader, but that of the entire group that represents Vanguardia Nacional and hopes that the meeting, as well as in the plenary session, scheduled for September 14, can find solutions to many of the concerns expressed today by workers in this sector.

Nery Delgado Otaño, general secretary of the Trade Union of Industry in the province of Matanzas read the commitment of the delegates where he said they are committed to work to achieve compliance with the plans, mobilize workers in terms of import substitution, work for export, improve efficiency indicators and working conditions in each center, in order to reach the National Conference with concrete contributions in relation to the economy of the country and respond to as many proposals as possible in the assemblies union

After the flag of the Matanzas delegation to this Second National Conference of the Trade Union of Industry, an exchange session was held between the representatives of La Atenas de Cuba and directors of the national union of this union in Cuba where among other topics were announced the work commissions and topics related to the organization of this event.

This meeting was favorable to present a certificate of recognition for the work done to José Dionisio Dencas, who was a member of the National Committee of Industry Workers for many years



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