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Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 julio, 2019

That which we are all necessary, is a reality that applies both in human society that among all living beings that inhabit the planet earth. Plants, animals and man itself make up a unique system that leads to the conservation of biodiversity.

Nelvis Gómez Campos, specialist of protected areas in the territorial delegation of the CITMA Matanzas, when referring to this topic, emphasized the role of man as one of the fundamental components of biological diversity.

«Many times we forget it because of our anthropocentric position, because men are the ones who have the capacity to think and transform.»But as man is essential within the concept of biological diversity is that often conditions the emergence and disappearance of species by their actions, the modeling that makes the environment, action that is usually done in terms of the interests of man.»

There are interests in which everyone has something to contribute.

«Biological diversity is invaluable because it involves from microscopic animals, to man, the most complex species and at the same time responsible for the maintenance and sustainability of biodiversity.»

Therefore, the responsible attitude is that we must maintain with the introduction of exotic species in the different ecosystems.

The ability to adapt and reproduce under the new conditions leads to them becoming invasive and slowing the development of native species.»Here in Cuba, invasive alien species are practically the main cause in terms of the loss of biological diversity. They often also cause habitat destruction because they lead to the replacement, displacement of native species.

«The exotic invaders have as a strategy the development of many forms of adaptation to the environments that arrive, something that the natives do not achieve because they are more sensitive to climatic changes, the incursions of men and there the exotic deploy their capacity as opportunists to colonize certain areas.”

The reason why the environmental specialist recommends are:

«Add all the strata of society, of the communities, because the programs that are developed will never be enough if terms of conservation, sustainability, use and rational access to the biodiverse resources of the Earth are spoken.»

Ideas are based on the need to preserve for the future everything that offers us food, energy, medicine, shelter and even attractions for recreation.


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