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Uff, too hot…

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 julio, 2019

Who says I’m upset? I just want you to get away from me a little bit, because I’m so hot. That was the response of a girl to the companion who was next to her on the bus. But it is not necessary to deny it, high temperatures produce irritation.

There are certain people – those with a lower level of emotional self-control – who in these situations shoot up; as they say, they jump to the minimum and for them the cause or fault is another person.

According to the psychologist María Jesús Alava, «… the heat produces general tiredness, apathy, decay, asthenia, exhaustion, feeling of discomfort» and in some people, «a lot of negativism and bad mood, impatience and ultimately coexistence difficulties».

One of the key causes, in his opinion, is how difficult it is to reconcile the dream, what causes insomnia and that one wakes up already with a high level of anxiety, implies that before anything he feels «very upset». It also increases the aggressiveness.

«They endure much worse the typical problems of coexistence with the heat than with another season of the year. There are people who get very belligerent and before this, «he advises,» try not to face them because it will further increase the state of anxiety. »

The circumstance occurs, explains Dr. Alava, that women and men have a different concept of heat, «while they like to sunbathe for hours, they find it little stimulating.»

For what, he said, «we must seek certain agreements in the way of combining schedules and activities in common, especially in summer.» And is that, he insisted, the heat produces more irritability and tension in the man and in the woman more decay, moreover it is capable of supporting it for a longer term.

Also, it is advisable to rest and get to sleep, «in addition to self-control, a lot of patience and tons of good humor».

In the case of the smallest, the experts’ advice that they sleep more than usual or a «nap» and do a lot of physical exercise at recommended hours and if possible in the water, lowering the body temperature.

In adults, they recommend a cold shower and if it is not possible, wet your wrists with cold water for two or three minutes.

In short, learn to live summer in a different way, enjoy everything beautiful that surrounds you, from the many recreational options that you have at your fingertips.



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