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Allende Processing Center replaces imports.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 julio, 2019

The use of rice flour in the manufacture of sausages has been a notable boost to import substitution for the Allende Processing Center, in the city of Matanzas, a group that thus endorses the Cuban will to reduce the country’s expenses for purchase of food abroad, the most expensive item in the State.

In this way the unit belonging to the Municipal Gastronomy Company has been displacing the use of wheat flour for an even healthier cereal such as rice, an inventive that also provides the highest quality and best flavor elaborations, he explained to Radio 26 Tania González Hernández, the administrator.

“We started manufacturing the ham just by pouring 20 percent of rice flour and the other amount of wheat flour and it was such an acceptance that we are already at 50 percent and in a short time we plan to dispense with a product that the country has to bring from outside, ”said González Hernández.

It argues the round gain obtained with all the characteristics of the ham. «Now it is of high quality,» he said, while holding in his hands a tube of the already considered star food of the Allende Processing Center.

We are a protected center, which means support for raw materials such as pork, extenders, condiments, rice and wheat flour, among other ingredients. That puts us in a position to bet on hot dog manufacturing, a goal that we are working due to the demand for this offer.

”  Allende’s productions are part of the policy of the Ministry of Internal Trade to intensify the economic line, based on the use of a ton of pork to obtain three tons of finished production of the liked fiber.

Among the 14 centers of this type in the province of Matanzas, Allende marks the forefront, said executives of the Business Group of Gastronomy, Commerce and Services, work in which it transcends the contribution of hundreds of sweet guavas, departures from a mini industry where they also make jam.





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