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Camerata José White and Atenas Brass: luxury ensemble.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 22 julio, 2019

And the dream came true, but, after all, the afternoon became a dream since the first chords of the Camerata José White and the Athens Brass Ensemble quintet were heard, in the Matanzas Concert Hall, in a Space Odyssey, Strauss, worth remembering.

Great idea to join two groups of proven musical performance on a summer afternoon to interpret film themes, hence the title of the concert: Music in the cinema. It is a proposal that packed the small room, shows, once again, the taste of the Matanzas for the arts, especially if it is good art.

And also it is worthy of the support of the musical project with the projection of fragments of the films, whose soundtracks were interpreted, which logically resulted in a thorough production work.

And although the program seemed long, time flew between known and select pieces such as The Phantom of the Opera, Weber’s rock opera; the unforgettable The Wizard of Oz, from Arlem; The pink panther, by Mancini; and Schindler’s list, of the famous John Williams, whose soundtracks have accompanied part of Spielberg’s filmography: Shark, ET, Catch Me If You Can, Third Type Encounter, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List itself, to name a few.

But Williams’s work has also musicalized one of George Lucas’s most renowned science fiction sagas, such as Star Wars, with which the two groups closed the concert in a luxury ensemble.

And although it was not part of the program, point and separate for the soundtrack of the four parts of Indiana Jones, composed by Williams, produced by Lucas and directed by Spielberg, which earned them the title of «The Holy Trinity of Hollywood.»

For a moment I closed my eyes, while listening to Smile, from dear Chaplin; the theme of James Bond of Norman; The battle, of The Chronicles of Narnia, by Gregson Williams; The Lord of the Rings Suite, by Shore; and the suite of Pirates of the Caribbean, of Badelt and Zimmer …, to think about this concert in a wider place, like our Sauto, which would have been filled.

Loas for camerata directors, Welcome Quintana; and from Atenas Brass, Rodolfo Horta; for the guest director, Ivette Burgois, and for the young violinist, general producer of the concert and arranger of most of the pieces performed by José White, Héctor Luis Cabrera.

Delicious summer afternoon that could well be repeated with the same program, perhaps in Velasco, with greater capacity for an audience eager for proposals of this type.

I don’t want to ignore the idea, which I thought was very good, of receiving those present in a dark room with a «Jack Sparrow» lighting the way point for originality.

Just narrow something down. Gratitude is appreciated, but how much would José White have collected with that full room and why not let the public go by as he arrives, half an hour before the concert? Thus we would avoid the agglomeration at the time of entering the room, especially of a majority public.

Anyway, I felt happy for Matanzas and Matanzas. I felt that my city, which inhabits it and even its beloved ghosts, enjoyed the miracle of music again. Little by little we resume the pride of living in a city known with that inked title of Athens of Cuba.

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