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Consumer protection first.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 julio, 2019

The business group of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services in Matanzas works for the fulfillment of both the rights and duties of the consumer.

Nelson Reyes Hernández, deputy director of the aforementioned business group commented on what should not be violated in customer or consumer service:

“The population must receive the products and services that meet the quality requirements, as well as be protected against false or misleading advertising of any supplier, meet the appropriate and timely needs of goods and services, in addition to checking the weight of the products purchased In the sales area, these constitute the main rights of consumers.

“There are also duties for consumers, for example, to inform themselves of the characteristics of the product before carrying out the act of buying and selling, exercise the right to defend themselves against any dissatisfaction provided they do so without even verbally assaulting the dependent and complying with the rules of conduct and care of social property ”.

In spite of these rights and duties written in resolution 54 of Consumer Protection, there are still irregularities such as mistreatment of the client, nonconformity with the service, irregularities in the actions of the administrators and ignorance of the workers about what the resolution states, according to We met through Gilberto Quintana Martínez, an official of attention to the population and consumer protection of the business group of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services in Matanzas.

Quintana Martínez told Radio 26:

“The population has the right and is obliged to address the established instances before any dissatisfaction or claim starting with the administration, in the unit where they receive the service, the basic business unit, the company, the State group and finally to the National Directorate of Mincin, the governing body that monitors and carries out consumer protection in our country … »

According to Quintana Martínez, the activities that most dissatisfaction reflect are those of the commercial network, specifically wineries and boxes, as well as those of gastronomy.

There are many actions in favor of consumer protection that are established, they just need to be supervised and complied with.


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