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Economic value of ecosystem services

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 julio, 2019

The existence in Matanzas of diverse and original ecosystems, allows that from the environmental point of view there are twelve protected areas in the province and work is already done on the file of the thirteenth.

Nelvis Gómez Campos, specialist of the territorial delegation of CITMA, referring to the particularities that are taken into account to declare an area as protected, he said.

“Because of the uniqueness and exclusivity that they have, because of the degree of conservation they present, because of their heritage values, because a protected area not only responds to natural values, that is, they are also selected based on the need to preserve the heritage constructed».

This intention is joined by giving each site the economic value that it really has, for this reason of the thirteen areas of the system, five will be part of the international Ecovalor project

“The five areas included in the ECOVALOR project are the protected natural landscapes Valle de Río Canímar and that of Varahicacos, the protected area of ​​managed resources in the Swamp peninsula , the national park Ciénaga d Zapata and the outstanding natural element System Espeleolacustre de Zapata » .

On the actions to be developed in the areas as part of the project, the specialist indicated.

“ The first experiences will be carried out that have to do with the creation of financial mechanisms for the National System of Protected Areas, say access charge to those sites, the creation of insurance in the event of events not predicted, the establishment of economic incentives for the good performance of conservation work, among other measures that in addition to generating a responsible attitude in those sites, allow obtaining financial resources and sustainability. ”

Of the advances that Matanzas holds in studies of this type, Nelvis commented.

“We already have results that can be visualized and implemented from the exchanges between the University of Matanzas and the Provincial System of Protected Areas.

“We have economic valuations and studies of the ecosystem services that allow us to give accurate answers such as those offered to the country’s leadership on the impact of Hurricane Irma on the north coast of our province, specifically .

“At that time we worked in the protected area Laguna de Maya Wildlife Refuge, for this we used the studies of the pre-degree thesis of university students from Matanzas where valuations, economic estimates of that ecosystem and the services it provides were shown. This could give a full report of the impact in that area of ​​the north of the province. ”

It is the reflection that the science-university link is essential for a decision made by the political and administrative directorates of the country.





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