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Climate change and adaptation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 julio, 2019

Creative, tireless researcher, industrious, convinced and faithful to her intention to demonstrate that in the current weather conditions the agricultural program has to conform to the criteria of science, Milagros Alfonso Cabrera, is above all the owner of a special charism that leads her to stand out – and for good – in any social group.

Main specialist of the Matanzas Meteorological Stations Network integrates the delegation that will represent the province in the Second National Conference of the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR).

The appointment will take the experiences of its ANIR committee, service provider to support better productions and tactical-strategic elements to the actions of the Life in Matanzas Task.

“The idea is to link, not only what our agro-meteorologists do with the producers in the municipalities, but to provide complete information on how these results can contribute to the plans for confronting climate change in the province, aimed at strengthening the agro-alimentary sector »

The increase in atmospheric temperatures, said the specialist in Meteorology, is an element to take into account in this sector in which the activities are carried out outdoors.

“Take into account that in 2017 several records of high temperatures were broken and that the previous year around this time in Indio Hatuey 38.20C was registered and, precisely, these days the rain has been poorly distributed, that is, abundant rainfall occurs in a very short time and that prevents plants from efficiently using those waters.”

There the call for people working in the agricultural sector to see the weather and its set of meteorological variables with another perspective.

“Because the weather has varied and will continue to vary and not just for good. Today at high daytime temperatures join those of the night and when that happens the plants of the dry season, which are vegetables and fruit trees, are stressed, suffer and the food they can offer does not arrive with the quantity, or quality that expected».To avoid these and other consequences that are ultimately reflected in the economy and the Cuban table, Milagros said:

“When we know what is coming, because we have designs of future climate scenarios for Matanzas, we can apply adaptation regulations such as the shift of planting times and create more pleasant environments with the planting of multi-purpose trees to favor the protection of the fields of cultivation, among other measures that are already in a catalog of proposals ”.

And with that mobile will attend the Second National Conference of the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers.

«We are going to defend the idea of ​​the implementation of the actions of the Life Task as part of the mission that the current generations have to achieve the sustainability of life on Earth.»Knowledge offered by men and women of science to be assimilated by decision makers of agroproductive programs and producers.




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