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Matanzas evoke Frank and the fallen by the Revolution.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 julio, 2019


In solemn ceremony the Matanzas paid tribute to Frank País García and Raúl Pujols Arencibia on July 30th on the 62nd anniversary of their vile murder and remembered the martyrs of the Revolution, who founded the seed of the sovereignty and independence of the Cuba of today.

With the purpose of commemorating the event, from early hours they met at  the Pantheon of the Fallen for Defense in the San Carlos Cemetery, in Marçtanzas city, cadres and officials of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the territory, of political and mass organizations and representatives of labor collectives adjacent to the holy field.

The placement of a floral offering before the monument, allegorical songs and patriotic interventions, were part of the cultural political evening, in which the Mayor of the Reserve, Mirtha Pardo Junco, president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC) in the municipality he pronounced the central words of the act.

The tribute to the 20 thousand Cubans who died in the anti-Christian struggle is summed up in the young Frank País, who died in the streets of Santiago at the age of 22 with his faithful combat partner Raúl Pujol, on July 30th, 1957.

He is one of the most beloved and valuable heroes of the revolutionary process and in his honor this date is declared years later Martyrs Day of the Revolution.

It was the hatred of the minions of the tyrant Batista who was baited over the brave and skillful conspirator, who kept them in check in the province of Oriente and almost the entire Island, as coordinator of the July 26 Movement in that area of ​​the country and Chief Action and National Sabotage of the organization. Frank became a highly sought-after dam and they needed the Army, Police and Navy mobilization to capture house by house and block by block in Santiago de Cuba and finally shoot him down with 23 shots.

This July 30th marks 62 years of the death of that brave young man, whom Fidel described as an example of dignity and struggle, integrity and revolutionary spirit.


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