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The Labor Justice Bodies, in the sights of the trade union movement.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 julio, 2019

From August 1st to November 30th , assemblies in labor groups will be held in the province of Matanzas to ratify or renew the members of the Labor Justice Bodies (OJL) created in those centers that have fifty or more workers as staff.

During this process, which takes place every two and a half years, around 600 assemblies must be held throughout Matanzas territory, in accordance with the schedule conceived by the  Cuban Workers Trade Union(CTC) together with the different Unions and Addresses Municipal Labor and Social Security, responsible for enabling the members of the bodies constituted or ratified.

José Joaquín Pérez Ortiz, who attends the sphere of labor matters in the provincial Committee of the CTC, explained to Radio26 that the improvement of the OJL is vital to strengthen labor discipline and the exercise of workers’ rights. As he emphasized, its members must perform a voluntary task outside the framework of their work day and be willing to provide justice in the work group.

Regarding the assemblies, the leader said “Once they have been made, the general secretary of the union organization delivers a copy of the constitution and his first meeting at the Work Directorate of the municipality where the entity resides, in a term that should not exceed 72 hours….The selected members receive personalized attention in these organizations, which schedule the training meetings to prepare them for the proper performance of their work”.

When inquiring about the repeated disagreements that workers have on this issue, the leader said.

“Sometimes the organs have been incomplete, the substitutes do not assume the responsibilities when the cash is missing and there has been a delay in the realization of the workers’ hearings, a process that has a term and not being fulfilled because it has another impact…. that guaranteeing the effective functioning of the OJL, in the Labor Justice System, are the first link of claim that the worker has to appeal before a certain disciplinary measure or the violation of a certain labor law ”- he said

He informed that currently the province has about 620 OJL in the entities of not less than 50 workers and as at the conclusion of the assembly process, about 580 should be constituted, as a result of the unification of some companies, and the need to minimize the amount of Existing organs in some organisms, so that they are more functional.The Basic Labor Justice Bodies established experimentally in 1990, the extent of their application in 1992 and the results of that experience determined the current integration of the Labor Justice System into state entities.

Law no. 116 Labor Code of December 20, 2013 expanded the participation of workers in the delivery of justice, and determined the constitution of bodies, consisting of five or seven effective members, a representative of the administration, a union leader and three or five elected workers in assembly in centers with fifty or more employees as staff.

The System of Labor Justice in Matanzas is materialized with the action of the OJL for the solution of labor disputes in the entities themselves, the performance of the popular municipal courts by judicial means and with the review function of the Labor Chamber and administrative of the Popular provincial Court.








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