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Protect the consumer against wind and tide.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 agosto, 2019

Resolution 54th of 2018 of the Internal Trade establishes the duties of consumers, among which are claiming irregularities or dissatisfactions with the weighing of the products or the treatment they receive, as long as they do it correctly, in addition to informing in advance of the quality and origin of them.

On the other hand, they should not damage the social property of the establishment where they are served.



In reference to the rights we can say that there should be good lighting in the units; respect the opening and closing hours; have updated the information board with prices and weight; Proper customer attire and, of course, friendly attention, which includes a smile, something we almost never see.

In case of any complaint or claim, people should first contact the administrator of the unit in question; second, to the Base Business Unit; third, to the Business Group of Commerce; fourth, to the State Directorate and, finally, to the Ministry of Internal Trade, which is the body that regulates consumer protection in our country, according to Gilberto Quintana Martínez, a specialist who attends this task in the Business Group of Commerce, the Gastronomy and Services in Matanzas.  Remember that the one who pays rules, the one who offers always obeys on the basis of respect. Consumer protection is here to stay.






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