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Modesto Martín Díaz Díaz, a Cuban from Fidel.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 agosto, 2019

Sitting on the balcony of his house, Modesto Martín Díaz Díaz told me that hidden in a ship he arrived in the land of Bolívar, exiled before the constant persecution of the minions of Fulgencio Batista, because the clerk of Club 66 in the street of the Middle of Matanzas He was a participant in revolutionary activities that went from the breaking of stained glass windows to the strike on April 9th, 1958.

“There I joined an organization that led the desire to free the distant homeland, a group identified as the July 26 Movement Venezuela Section; from a distance, it was a primary task to raise funds and make known the reality about the emancipatory process led by Fidel Castro, ”recalled the combatant of the clandestine struggle with dean bonds and allegorical tickets to José Martí in his hands.

“They asked me if I was a Cuban from Batista or Fidel,” he said, “and there were not a few who opened the door for me before the answer, so it was until, when I was working on the construction of the Puerto Cabello naval base, I heard the anthem of Bayamo and the scream Batista fell! I abandoned the task and returned to my homeland. ”

The Cuban who was born on May 7, 1934 in the city of Matanzas, integrated the ID card of the 26 de Julio Movement (M-26-7) directed by Felix Ponce to conspire against the social injustices of the Batista dictatorship, and stood out for his work from Club 66, communications center of the 26 de Julio Movement in the city.

It is a treasure for Martín were his memoirs linked to leaders such as Enrique Hart, Ricardo González Trejo and Caridad Díaz, and he proudly kept the photographs with Commander Fidel Castro, whom he said made him smile once.

On August 3rd, Díaz Díaz took many stories with him forever, such as those of the tortures he suffered at the Enrique Estrada Barracks, the current Firefighters Museum, where there is a recreation of the space where they tried with heartbreaking and inhuman procedures to extract information from the revolutionaries.

In the provincial direction of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Matanzas, an organization that led Modesto Martín for 25 years, he was paid tribute today by family, friends, work and struggle colleagues, and citizens ready to recognize the imprint of a revolutionary thorough.

There, near the fresh flowers and the amphora, could not miss that photo where Martin and Fidel shake their hands.


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