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Voluntary observer, a fundamental pillar in the study of climate.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 agosto, 2019


Given the effects of the changing climate and the occurrence of extreme events more frequently, the subsidiary of the Meteorological Society of Cuba in Matanzas and the Technical Advisory Council of the provincial Meteorological Center, call to strengthen the Volunteer Observer Network.

A topic of which the Master in Science Miracles Alfonso Cabrera commented:

«Any person who resides in our territory, regardless of the professional training he has, can report the occurrence in his environment of any anomalous atmospheric phenomenon that he considers of interest for the statistical monitoring of the weather and climate behavior in the province.»

In such cases, the specialist explained, people can call 45243002, a number that corresponds to the phone number of the Forecast Group of the provincial Meteorological Center and thus report events of extreme rains, hail, strong winds, among other natural phenomena that are manifested today with greater intensity.

«In that phone you receive the information and personal data of the person or those who report it, so they become part of the registry of the volunteer meteorological observers of Matanzas.»With this contribution, Milagros said, the work of the Matanzas weather station network is strengthened.

“Although we have seven weather stations in the province, sometimes phenomena occur in places far from them and are not recorded, which is why the work of the volunteer observer becomes more important. They, together with the radio amateurs, the partners of the Civil Defense, complement the climatic surveillance and early warning of extreme weather events”.

Hence the elements to take into account to make these reports.“In addition to the personal data of the observer, the type of phenomenon, the place where it occurred, the time and if possible the duration time are recorded. To this is added the description of the phenomenon and if possible visual information, say photographs, videos or graphics to achieve a more complete notification. ”

The best preparation of the people will result in the effectiveness to face climate change and extreme weather events.




















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