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For Teatro de Las Estaciones, multiple words of hug.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 agosto, 2019

In the Facebook social network, multiple messages express the celebration of Teatro de Las Estaciones, a company that celebrates today with an intense cultural, theoretical and pedagogical day, its 25 years of existence in the city of Matanzas.

Maikel Chavez, actor and playwright of Teatro Pálpito, said he was convinced that this team draws infinite floors from the scene, fertile land of colors and forms ready to be planted; group that has managed to create a site that is a nation.

From its beginning Las Estaciones laid its foundations in one of the dressing rooms of the Sauto Theater, the seven of good luck, to launch its spring, autumn, summer and winter sun into the world, always in the good shade of two large trees: Rubén Darío Salazar Taquechel and Zenén Calero Medina, said Kalec Alberto Acosta, director of the National Monument Coliseum.

Original, visual and literary are the ties between Vigía Editions and Teatro de Las Estaciones, a company that celebrates 25 years of existence today as a watchman of good art on the altarpieces of Cuba and the world, patented on its Facebook page the institution that distinguishes itself for creating books by hand.

For the playwright Norge Espinosa this day is a wonderful and unrepeatable opportunity to celebrate the dreams that Rubén and Zenén have brought to life with actresses, actors, choreographers, designers, composers … of the group that is at the forefront of the theater of figures in Cuba, at a party that is for everyone and should matter to the entire culture of the country.

This Monday, the House of Scenic Memory and the José White Concert Hall, in the city of rivers and bridges, will constitute essential venues of the intense program that will celebrate the first quarter of a century of Las Estaciones, a group with the permanent challenge to stimulate The best of the human being.



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