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Innovate to achieve tangible products and services.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 agosto, 2019

The wheel, the plow, the gunpowder, the printing press, the steam engine and the internal combustion engine are innovations that demonstrate how creative the human mind can be in the face of social and economic needs.

“Innovation is summarized as the process that man develops to solve the problems he finds in his work and social environment.”

Accurate and accurate words with which the science doctor Jesús Suárez, specialist of the Hatuey Indian Forage and Forage Station, confirms the concept of innovation, that phenomenon that according to his studies was present among the Mambises  hosts of our independence wars.


“According to a very simple classification, innovations can be of product as is the case of the working machete transformed into a combat weapon, the torpedo, the leather cannon. They can also be process; there is the incendiary tea, the strategy of loading the machete to divide the large columns of Spanish soldiers and selling them, or the expeditions, excellent logistics lesson in difficult conditions pursued by soldiers, American agents, Spanish gunboats, in short …, a process I only doubt that in these times they can be repeated.


“So our Mambian troops were full of innovators, from the chief to the simplest of men. And its innovation lies precisely in confronting with courage an army that surpassed them in men, conditions and armaments. ”

Therefore, says the creator and coordinator of the BIOMASCUBA project that for a person, a collective, community, or nation to develop there must be innovation.

“Innovation is nothing more than applying the results of science and technology. Our country has even more the obligation to carry out this activity because of its status as an underdeveloped and blocked nation.

“I would tell you with tremendous honesty that to be a prosperous and sustainable Revolution, it has to be a very innovative country.”

A It is a commitment in which the scientific community has a decisive role.

“Today Cuba has an important development of science but we lack application, this indicates that the science-business link has to be consolidated, to achieve that purpose the Cuban State and Government have to play a more leading role, only then those scientific results, these innovations can become tangible products and services for society ”.

And there is no other way.”We have no choice because we have to build a prosperous and attractive socialism for society, we have no choice because it is the respect we owe Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, promoter of the scientific-innovative movement in Cuba.”

In a changing and constantly evolving world like the current one, not innovating means going backwards in socio-economic development.


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