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Wonderful lessons learned from Fidel.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 agosto, 2019

The willingness to forge dreams that enrich the soul, to ensure its development and the socio-economic well-being of the people who intervene in them, is one of Fidel’s lessons best learned by the matancera María Eugenia Romero.

With that conception and to honor forever the humanist thought of the top leader of the Cuban Revolution, María Eugenia founded on August 13th, 2001, the children’s children’s project Maravillas de la Infancia.

At the beginning she reached children and adolescents of Matanzas neighborhood of Simpsom, with social problems. On that occasion ten were the founders.

But the spark ignited with such intensity between the children and their parents, the neighbors of that community and the members of the political and mass organizations of the municipality that the number of designers and lovers of the idea quickly multiplied.

So much so that the barter of María Eugenia for the Versailles neighborhood rather than limit, dragged a troop with more than a hundred boys and girls to that other side of the City of Bridges. The rehearsals and development of socio-cultural programs in the street or the theater-theater Athens -when the conditions allowed-, led them to be the neighbors themselves in assemblies of accountability of the delegate of the Popular Power to their constituents, who proposed Fifth Anita was handed over to work there.

Once the proposal was approved in 2012, the Maravillas project … was installed in the old neoclassical style house that was nothing more and nothing less than a site practically destroyed and turned into a community dump.

In spite of the sad scenario, María Eugenia, her boys and parents did not dare, on the contrary, they dressed in campaign clothes and at the same time as the practice of cultural programs, they worked – they still work – in cleaning, reconstruction and resuscitation from his big house.

As a reward for today’s image has nothing to do with what they found seven years ago, Wonders of Childhood has transformed the abandoned place into an ideal place for the healthy and cultured recreation of the designers, their neighbors of the versallera neighborhood and the National or foreign friends who always visit them.

With these and other incentives, the children’s-community project Maravillas de la Infancia, which has at about 319 members, has advanced to a higher stage than the Local Development Project.

..On line audio.

From the commitment of the children’s-community project Maravillas de la Infancia, to honor the thought of the Commander in Chief, the multiple recognitions that entities and organizations have given him speak.

– Relevant prize in the national values ​​event, sponsored by the Political-Ideological Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

.- National prize of the neighborhood, which grants the national leadership of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

– National community culture award.

– Annual CITMA Award

– CITMA Highest Impact Award- Relevant prize in the provincial event of creative women.

However, said María Eugenia, the jackpot is in the boys who, as a result of what they learned in the project, are currently studying in various centers of artistic education.

Those who study today at the University of Matanzas, the Higher Institute of Art and the national variety school; the vocational arts “Alfonso Pérez Isaac” in the specialties of dance, ballet and music, as well as in the Camilo Cienfuegos military school.

They are joined by those who as professional dancers are part of the dance groups in tourist facilities of Varadero and other entities of the Matanzas culture.



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