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Fidel: the childhood of a leader and the forge of a rebel.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 agosto, 2019

On the 93rd anniversary of the birth of our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, it is valid to remember his childhood in Birán: Don Ángel, his father; the batey; the mother, sweet and affectionate; the school of La Salle; the echoes of the war in Spain and the Jesuits of the Dolores school. He was born on a farm to the north center of the former province of Oriente, not far from the Bay of Nipe and near the sugar mill of Marcané.

It was not a town, not even a small village, just a few isolated houses. They moved along intricate roads and many fanguizales, on horseback or in oxcarts, while there was not even electric light, lighting with wax candles and kerosene lamps. Thus passed his childhood, he had the opportunity to learn about the situation that prevailed at the time and it was his best teaching to defend Cuba.

The Commander, from a very young age, was a man with a lot of willpower. He learned to read and write for himself. He was a great entrepreneur, with a natural ability to carry out any mission entrusted to him and, fundamentally, capable of organizing it and obtaining the results and goals set.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution in some of his speeches expressed that he was not born a revolutionary, but a rebel, since from an early age, at school and at his home, he began to see injustices: large estates and bad treatment of workers for American companies.

He also had an indelible image of what capitalism was in the countryside and sometimes said that the image of so many humble people there in Birán, their land, hungry, barefoot … would never be erased from their minds…

Definitely, Fidel developed in his childhood the office of rebel, perhaps those circumstances of life made him reason like that and for what he learned from his own fight he fought in the Moncada and came to Cuba on the Gramma yacht and freed the Island  January First 1959. Fidel will always live among us and his legacy will always guide us.



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