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Electric shock alert.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 16 agosto, 2019

Five people died – two adults and three children – after receiving a strong electric shock this Thursday, around 3:30 p.m., at La Puntilla beach in Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque.

The news never ceases to surprise everyone, even those reckless who still thundering continue to bathe on the beach.

If you are at sea and a thunderstorm is approaching, there are two ways to reduce the risk of being affected by lightning: get out of the water and seek shelter or dive deeper.

According to the National Atmospheric Administration, a typical lightning bolt can discharge up to 300 million volts and 30 thousand amps, enough to kill someone.

A large part of the electric shock expands horizontally rather than vertically, which is not good news for those who float or swim, as the lightning current can expand through the surface.

If the person leaves the water, but cannot get shelter, it is best to duck in a fetal position instead of lying completely on the ground, since the latter increases the risks.

If you remain in the water, you should try to submerge yourself, although it is unlikely that someone can hold your breath long enough to avoid danger. ”

The exposure of the hands or head on the surface, as with those who swim, exposes it to discharge.


The risks also vary according to the seasons of the year, summer being the season of greatest danger, among other things because there are more people bathing in the sea.

«Cuba qualifies as one of the territories most affected by lightning in the world, given the great electrical activity that characterizes the storms in the country,» said the president of the Cuban Geological Society, Manuel Antonio Iturralde.

At the point of contact with the earth, lightning can affect an area up to 20 meters in diameter. This means that even if the beam does not directly impact an object or person, it can cause serious damage if it is less than 10 meters away.

For someone to be impacted by a fulguration, it is enough to combine adequate atmospheric conditions and a negligent attitude.

Summer comes to everyone with a wide variety of options to enjoy as a family: Live it, but be prudent, do not let “lightning break it”.


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