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Minister of Education in Matanzas: “The school can also manage its human capital”.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 16 agosto, 2019

“Each inactive teacher, who requests his or her retirement or retirement, belongs to a school. In the educational centers the reasons for deciding to leave the sector are known. For this reason, the group must do everything possible to prevent that prepared professional and lover of their work from giving up classrooms due to difficulties that have a solution,”said the Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella during a visit to the city of Matanzas with in order to check the disposition of the territory for the beginning of the school year.

At the meeting, which was attended by representatives of organizations with an impact on the educational function, also members of the management structures of municipalities and schools, it transpired that although the coverage of teaching staff is in better conditions than in previous stages – about 460 Disconnected educators requested their reinstatement as a result of the salary increase – more than 1,500 teachers are still needed:

“The school can do a lot to keep its teachers: recognize them, help them, and support them. The systematic and scope in the care plan is a debt that demands the concern and action of school institutions and industry leaders, ”added Velázquez Cobiella.

Likewise, it was known that only the municipality of Los Arabos complied with the plan for admission to pedagogical schools, while Limonar, Pedro Betancourt and the main region failed to comply with low results.

It was also reported that there are delays in sales of the school uniform, mainly in the territories of Jagüey Grande, Colón, Los Arabos and Matanzas due to obstacles in distribution:

«The commerce companies of the different regions must guarantee that not one garment remains in warehouses, that it is as agile as possible the exchange of sizes between the stores when necessary and that the sale is carried out in an organized and fast way,» said the First secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, Liván Izquierdo Alonso.

Velázquez Cobiella urged the optimal use of resources, because, unlike previous years, the country could not assure several as luminaries, tennis for internal students, the color paper album received by primary school students, all of textbooks for the replacement of damaged or lost material and modules for technical education, which demands a better use of the annexed classrooms (premises in companies and organizations for educational purposes).

In the case of Matanzas, books are scarce. The rest of the lines that make up the material basis of study and life are guaranteed.

It was also reported that the provincial Health Directorate ruled that some 15 centers cannot open their doors due to water pollution, breakdowns of hydro-sanitary networks or structural problems. Such a situation must be eradicated before September 2 to ensure a successful school period.


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