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Shut up or act on price violations?.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 agosto, 2019

On the implementation of the price list of the Provincial Administration Council for agricultural products sold by the self-employed sector, we will have to walk with the list in hand and observe the level of response of the sellers.

If the population remains silent in the face of merchant abuses, it will continue to be mistreated. These offers are necessary, but they must also abide by the law. I also consider it imperative that the authorities require the self-employed license because there are many who violate the treasury and that profit goes directly to the private pocket without contributing to society.

There are forklifts and points of sale that have already hired others without any declaration and then the above raise, over the already high price, two more pesos to each product to get the salary of the day. Do those who ride bicycles loaded with onions and garlic, pay taxes? Those who park at 4:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon in a corner and collude to put the same price, do they pay taxes?

To the one who complies, our applause; to those who do not, that the merchandise be seized and the relevant documents are required, including payment to ONAT. It is not just the card; you have to show the current tax vector. Now all state workers are contributors, therefore, those who carry out activities in private condition, must also be without delay.

Inspections are almost always done in the morning and no longer returns and in the afternoon the «clandestine» appear.  It is a great skein that must be unraveled so that everything is in order.






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