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An environmentally sensitive tourist.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 agosto, 2019

The sensitivity of the tourist to environmental variants motivates those who exercise that industry in many countries. This favors the inclusion of this theme within the great propensities of present-day Cuba.

In the case of Matanzas, the trend favors Ecotourism, so that, as the professor of the University of Havana, José Luis Perelló Cabrera, points out, the environment becomes a show, with an unlimited duration and environment among that theme parks should stand out, in my opinion, little exploited even in the nation.

Also, tourists like to know that the promotion of hotels with alternative energy, restaurants with organic products and less polluting transport is valued.

The drawback is that if one does not work together, tourism in turn could affect natural areas, such as those built and inhabited, since studies indicate that the urban disrespect for urbanization in correspondence with the landscape generates, whether in environments coastal, along valleys or routes in inland areas.


The important thing is to control when infrastructure overloads, manifested in the intensity of visits, exceed the capacity of the planned, as this leads to possible consequences on health and difficulties with environmental hygiene.

It is true that hotel equipment and support services, as well as private residences, are the main sources of waste discharges in many of the tourist institutions, but the presence of a community that uses the resources of the environment as attractive, gives them also the category of receiver of their own waste.

It should be noted that in addition to those who operate and manage tourism resources, there is a category that should not be neglected in a comprehensive vision and is the tourist himself, who remains hours, days, weeks or months in the enjoyment of our services and that motivate a later reflection.


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