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Festival to clean up the beach (+ video)

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 agosto, 2019

Comparing the contagious hip hop of the Cuban environmental group,

Matanzas of all ages convened by the Network of Popular Educators Dragonflies of Matanzas, gathered on Sunday at El Tenis beach to clean up the area of ​​plastic waste.


On this occasion, while the majority collected plastic objects that the population abandoned in the area, a group of divers performed a similar action, but in the deep sea of ​​that coastal strip.

With the same purpose other Matanzas responded to the invitation of the organizers of the event and brought important volumes of this raw material to the place.   About that initiative developed by people in Matanzas to protect and preserve the beaches, Osmel Francis, director of the Cuban group on the Web, commented.

“I was surprised by the organization and conception of this idea. It is very different from beach cleaning activities that are usually done. The presence of organizations and institutions such as CITMA, the pioneers with their children’s projects, INDER, which are generally present, were joined by professional divers and Non-Agricultural Cooperatives (CNA).

“This constitutes the answer to a problem that we have followed for a while because many times after cleaning up beaches, rivers and delivering those plastic bottles, cans and other waste to Community Services, as they did not have an appropriate final destination, they ended up piled up in places inadequate or were going to stop where we had extracted them.”

Therefore, the presence in this environmentalist-educational event of the CNA Arte Tres, specialized in the manufacture of ecomadera objects.

Alejandro Ramos Guerra, representative of Arte TRES, referring to the success of this program, stressed that this plastic waste is the fundamental raw material in the elaboration of valuable tools on the beaches, such as trash cans, walkways and stairs that they allow access to the sea.

.Video n line

Let´s go for a cleaner beach.

From heart to heart, trash to the basket, is a project that was born from the initiative of the Network of Popular Educators Dragonflies of Matanzas to achieve sustainability over time of Matanzas beaches.

It is a reason why the director of Cubans in the Network recommended.

«Take care of this beautiful city that they have with their beautiful beaches, so close to the population, we have to learn to live in harmony with nature because what we enjoy today is just a loan made by our grandchildren.»


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