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Matanzas deserves a better Coppelia.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 agosto, 2019

Two capital works left out the 325 Resuscitation Program of the city of Matanzas.

Two works, which in my opinion should never have been excluded.

None, however, were taken into account in a plan that, to be fair, focused on the historic center of Matanzas city and that could somehow justify the fact that the Sports Athenaeum and Coppelia, the main Coppelia of Matanzas, have been ignored in the repair of greater scale that is remembered in recent years here.

As if this were not enough, the one and the other still do not appear in any investment plan.

The Athenaeum, collapsed ten years ago (May 18th, 2009), not only continues to be reduced to rubble, but deprives the population of a province eager to cheer their basketball team there again.

And one could come to understand that the economy is scarce, that sometimes one chooses between this and that and ends up accepting the priority of one thing over the other. But when you analyze a little, when you compare the amount of money demanded to rebuild the Athenaeum against what is needed to make Coppelia beautiful, I would have to resist listening to justifications, because the finances of this one are lower.

No one could deny this certainty: Coppelia de Matanzas is today one of the ugliest facilities in this western province. And I say it with ownership It is ugly inside and out. It has little aesthetics and culture of detail.   To that questionable image, «without even a canopy to protect us from the sun», as many clients question, it would be necessary to add subjective aspects harmful to the prestige of the unit belonging to the Municipal Gastronomy Company.

In a one-week monitoring, for six days Coppelia closed between 7:00 and 8:00 at night for lack of ice cream, when its official closing is set for 10 and 45 pm, which disrespects its schedule, very noticeable in a time of as much demand as in summer, summer stage, whose high temperatures move hundreds of people towards the ice cream shop.

But let’s go by step. What justifies the early closure? According to the administration, several factors influence. First, they only supply 220 boxes of ice cream, insufficient to maintain the service in the agreed term. Second, the ice cream transport car does not always arrive in time, which comes from Cárdenas where the factory is. To that it would be necessary to add his little state of freezing at the time of being served to Coppelia. This inconvenience forces it to harden and then be able to work it.

The inconvenience is the poor condition of the cold rooms of Coppelia and its small refrigerators, two determining factors in the discomfort generated to customers, usually very dissatisfied because they pay for ice cream and receive milkshake.

A little more than a month ago, the lack of supplies, mainly glasses, prevented the operation of the terrace area where more than 16 tables are located. This meant long lines and excessive delay. Luckily, the matter is resolved, but not that of the ice cream vessels. Instead of having canoes, or other types of packaging, there are plain dishes. Melted balls are served in plain dishes. No one escapes embarking.

Nor does Coppelia have its own identity, nor colors, nor uniforms, nothing that distinguishes it and it is time, I say, to improve things in the main ice cream house in this province. Invest in it. Do not give a paint pass. No, not that. Invest big, expand it, make it two stories, climb the wall to end the mess of entering and leaving where it is not due.Since we are dreaming when will the real salads return, with two, three, four or five flavors, so as not to continue paying as a mixture of flavors something that is no?.

Many things must begin to change in Coppelia, knowing that any transformation must begin from within. From the possibility of providing a better service and that depends on the workers themselves and their bosses.

What do not depend on that group are investments. The Coppelia of Matanzas deserves a profound change. Maybe you have to start by placing the missing P to the entrance sign, the first evidence of the neglect suffered by a site that Matanzas is waiting for.


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