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Patakines that tell the art of Solomon.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 agosto, 2019

Jorge Yunior Salomón, Matanzas artist of the plastic, will exhibit 30 of his works at the Arc Fair in Madrid (Spain) in the coming November, one of the main art events in Europe. This is a project that supports his artistic work, mainly from the Matanzas chapter of the Havana Biennial, an event that catapulted his career to a level higher than he had previously.

On August 23rd, the artist will exhibit part of his work faithfully related to Cuban cults of African origin in the Gallery of Varadero Street 60, an exhibition that awards another anniversary of the creation of the Cultural Property Fund in Cuba. This sample will be called Patakines.

Solomon is seen working tirelessly in his workshop, days, evenings and evenings and plays seriously with painting and his creative moments. Thus he conceives the art of performance and other expressions of plastic based on a technique of his authorship and invention called Frotipia.

Frotipia is a plastic technique where gray and black work all the time. According to the painter, until now the chemical preparation of the mixture remains secret, which has given it a mystical nuance, perhaps equal to the religious secrets that the artist dominates from his Africanist perspective.

In 2018, the project for the reconstruction and ornamentation of the Louvre Hotel began and for a few months the work of Solomon has packed all corners of this facility located in the Historic Center of the city of Matanzas. All the decorative elements that make up the hotel environment belong to the authorship of this Matanzas painter, who said he was proud that his work somehow remains in the land that saw him born.

Atelier Elizabeth-Solomon was the name that Jorge Yunior gave to the gallery where he exhibits his art pieces. One way of naming the gallery in the French style that he assumed as teachers influenced by this art, cited the teacher Lorenzo Padilla and other authors with a creative curriculum influenced by Renaissance and European customs.

“The gallery, as the name implies, is a special and well-deserved tribute to the sole and principal responsible for my success as a painter: my mother Elizabeth. I found that of Atelier more feminine to be a feminine gift and that is where the promotion of the Atelier, from caps to posters and pullovers is named after my mother.

She is the main thread of my career and is currently my representative, a simple way to return the years of hard effort to which he submitted for me,”confessed to Radio 26 this artist from Matanzas.



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