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Remember in Matanzas birth of the Cuban Women Federation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 agosto, 2019

The Cuban Women Federation (FMC) was born 59 years ago during a political-cultural meeting on August 23rd, 1960 in the auditorium of the National Printing Office in Havana and thus culminated actions aimed at joining women on the Island in A single revolutionary organization. On that memorable day our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz began his words by recalling the role played by women in the history of the Greater Antilles and the criminal and cowardly activities of the Batista dictatorship that, in addition to outraging the women, they killed them.

Fidel, on that occasion stressed that our country can feel fortunate in many things, but among them, the first of all, for the magnificent town that it owns, where not only men fight. Here, as men fight women. On this 59th anniversary of the FMC in Matanzas territory, proud of the road traveled and aware of the great challenges that lie ahead, the federated women arrive at this event convinced that with the legacy of Fidel and that of the founding president of the organization, Vilma Espín Guillois, we will continue to defend the revolutionary process.


In this celebration of the Cuban women, we have to thank the Socialist Revolution led by Fidel and the FMC, because today we occupy our rightful place in the history of the Homeland, as the top leader said on August 23rd, 1960 to found the organization.

At the moment the FMC is a bastion of the political vanguard of our people, where the young women assume positions in blocks and delegations in the community and the federated ones that have more experience collaborate with them. Events of creative women and exhibitions related to the daily work of women who excel in the tasks are held.

In our province the unity of the Matanzas has been consolidated, capable of undertaking as many tasks as necessary, of overcoming all the tests to form what we are today, an enthusiastic and decisive force.







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