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Santo Domingo 1969: a great feat of Cuban baseball (+ recording)

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 agosto, 2019

From left to right: Owen Blandino, the “Gallo de Cabaiguán”, batter leader; «Curro» Pérez; Villaclareño gardener Silvio Montejo and our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, after the return of the Cuban team of the Dominican Republic World Cup. (Photo: Taken from the Internet)


From August 15th to 26th, 1969, the Dominican Republic was the scene of the XVI Amateur Baseball World Championship, which has gone down in the history of these classics as one of the most emotional and disputed.

Eleven teams participated in the fair, which were measured by the system of all against all in one round and that had actions, not only in the capital Santo Domingo, since the cities of San Pedro de Macorís and Santiago de los Caballeros served as sub venues

For Cuba it was very important this contest that won as undefeated, since it maintained dominance in these appointments and constituted the first victory before a United States team after the revolutionary triumph of 1959.

On the 16th, Cuba debuted at the Cibao stadium, in Santiago de los Caballeros, against Venezuela, with a five-by-zero success, grout at the Rolando Macías account; the next day in the park itself beat Nicaragua ten by one, with full work of Gaspar «Curro» Pérez; On the 18th, they had no game indicated on the calendar and on the 19th, in the Quisqueya field of Santo Domingo, the victim was Panama, eight entries by zero, with Santiago “Changa” Mederos on the hill.

The successes continued on the 20th, when Roberto Valdés and José Antonio Huelga joined their arms to defeat Guatemala 17 by zero; on the night of August 2st1, they beat the Dominican Republic ten times three; the next day to Colombia nine times three; the string continued on 23rd, 24th and 25th against Puerto Rico with a nine-by-one board; Mexico, five by three and Netherlands Antilles, twelve by one, respectively, to leave the scene ready for the discussion of the title before the United States, which came to defeat, like Cuba, all its opponents.

The crucial meeting of the 26th took place with the Quisqueya stadium full of audience, which deliriously supported the Creoles in each play, while in our country each CDR took their radios and loudspeakers were placed through the public squares to listen to the descriptions of Bobby Salamanca and Eddy Martin.

The Cuban team brought out its claw to come down in the eighth episode by scoring two races when they lost one by zero, enough for a Gaspar Pérez who would go down in history since then as The Hero of Quisqueya, title given by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro upon returning to the Homeland.

I invite you to listen then, in the voices of its protagonists, the main moments of the victory in a work that was Grand Prix of the XXXII Radio Festival, in 2010.

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