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African giant snail: a threat to agriculture.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 agosto, 2019

The giant African snail can affect more than 250 species of plants, which represents a threat to agriculture, said Alberto Perdomo, head of the Department of Plant Health in the province of Matanzas.

“The invasive alien species affects more than 120 crops, including bananas, cassava and fruit pump,” said the specialist.

The herbivore is characterized by its high voracity, so it eats leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, barks, wood, seeds, grains, nuts, algae and even other snails.

In the province of Matanzas its presence has been detected in the Humberto Álvarez (Cárdenas), San Antonio de Cabezas (Unión de Reyes) and in the municipality of Perico.

“We have carried out sanitation actions in these areas, but Achatina fulica is mostly active during the night, so it is difficult,” said Alberto Perdomo

The giant African snail is among the hundred most harmful species and constitutes a threat to agriculture and human health.









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