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Mexico Letter: historic pact that unified forces for the war of liberation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 agosto, 2019

The Pact of Mexico, also known as the Letter of Mexico, was signed in this Aztec country on August 30th, 1956 between leaders of the July 26 Movement and the Revolutionary Directory. With this, plans were coordinated to take an expedition to Cuba and start guerrilla warfare in the mountains with the support of an armed uprising in different cities of the Island to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

In the middle of the year 1956, the president of the Federation of Cuban University Students and at the same time chief of the Revolutionary Directory, José Antonio Echeverría, left Cuba for Chile to participate in a Latin American Student Congress and later toured several countries, in the which denounced the terror regime imposed in Cuba by tyranny and disseminated the revolutionary ideas of Cuban youth.


In August of the same year, as planned, José Antonio traveled to Mexico to hold a meeting with Fidel Castro, in which they also participated by the Revolutionary Directory Faure Chomon and Fructuoso Rodríguez, as well as leaders of the July 26 Movement, among them, the chief of action and sabotage of the province of Oriente, Frank País García.

In that meeting Fidel explained how he intended to take the expedition to Cuba and that the landing would be supported by armed uprisings in different cities of the Island, especially in the East, a mission that was entrusted to the July 26 Movement.

The meeting was characterized by the willingness of the revolutionaries to make any sacrifice in order to free the country. Fidel and José Antonio signed a document of transcendental historical significance. In the Mexican Charter, the unity of political action of the Cuban Youth in the revolutionary struggle was established. The aforementioned document was published on September 1, 1956.

This historic pact, signed between the July 26 Movement and the Revolutionary Directory, was of extraordinary importance in the process of unification of the revolutionary forces that would carry out the final and final stage of the liberation war in Cuba.





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