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Prices on Medio Street.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 agosto, 2019

A self-employed account in Calle del Medio sells a notebook with princess covers at 20.00 pesos and they «fly» like hot bread.


10:00 in the morning. Medio Street corner to Jovellanos: «Take your bean here, fresh and good,» the man proclaims in a low but powerful voice. “At 10:00 pesos was the big mallet, six the little one.»

Two women buy without a joke, the other, the third, questions the price. «They are large packages, look how they have,» the seller said angrily. «If you do not want them, do not buy them, but do not make me bad,» he released and was throwing with his bag elsewhere, to another point in the city where he will again disrespect the provision of the Council of the Provincial Administration (CAP) , which in its price list left at 3:00 pesos the value of a handful of this popular vegetable.

Examples like these abound in any corner of the country, in this province and, especially, in Medio Street, the most commercial artery of Matanzas city and also the most exposed to price fluctuations.

Go through there any given day and you will be convinced, if it is not already, that from any establishment, state or not, there is a bad price, a violated price, a disrespected price, just like a mouse comes out of any mesh, as invokes the song in the voice of Cheo Feliciano.

The busy route teaches a constant lawsuit between buyers and sellers, with visible advantages for the latter, despite the most recent Resolutions (301 and 302) issued by the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP), content of a policy of control of the wholesale and retail prices, both in the state and private sectors, based on the assumption that there are no substantial changes in production and marketing costs that justify such increases.

These and other measures, as we know, try to complement the recent improvement in wages, with the marked purpose of protecting the purchasing capacity of the long-awaited increase.

However, we also know, no measure alone works if there is no scaffolding behind it to make it effective.

It has been reported that “multidisciplinary groups are created in the provinces and municipalities to monitor the consumer price index, propose the establishment and bimonthly adjustment of the maximum prices of the most sensitive products and investigate possible violations of this policy, are some of the main tools envisaged in pursuit of institutional control, in a process where the requirement to face speculative increases has to be fundamentally an administrative responsibility”.


It is convenient to have these price lists at hand to be able to face any situation.

And that is very good, but it should work, be noted to not leave the population defenseless, alone in the face of the paradox of buying it or not buying it. Only to those who, to a claim for a adulterated price, look for exits such as that it is not for sale, or we are already closed, or wait for the owner to come. Some self-employed insist on not displaying prices or displaying them as a pure requirement in case of passing an inspection.

State entities do not escape such irregularities. In a hint at the Zapico industrial market, the difference in values ​​between three nylon soaps, until recently sold at the same value of a weight (regardless of the size or quality of the material) and now at a weight, at 1 peso with 20 cents and a weight with 40 cents.

In the industrial market Zapico surprises the price differences of these nylon soaps.

In the unit itself, several people questioned the value of a type of notebooks, before 25 pesos and now at 29, a matter of concern, as well as the variability in the sales values ​​of a product such as chlorine.

Many times I have questioned the fact of having to pay the same amount of money for a menu devoid of all its ingredients or stipulated decorations, as happens in the Soda located in Medio Street, where the combinations cost the same even if they lack marmelow, sponge cake … Isn’t this also disrespect for the price? Who protects us from such a deception?

The call of the authorities of the province insists that the citizens contribute to face the speculation and avoid with their complaints and claims affectations to their purchasing power. Doing so will involve, above all, being sufficiently informed to avoid scams.

Becoming the price list issued by the CAP would be a good way to counteract some excesses, especially those committed in the most commercial artery of Matanzas, a place that is urged for better and greater price control.

On Medio Street, the main commercial artery of Matanzas, a more effective price control is convenient.


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