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Laura’s dreams through her violin.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 agosto, 2019

It is impossible to pass near the Professional School of Art of Matanzas and not enjoy the melodies that emanate from inside. It is common to hear Beethoven’s Fifth and Ninth Symphonies, Mendelssohn and Viotti concerts, or traditional congas and trovas performed by the school’s orchestra.

To transgress the reception threshold is to enter another universe; it is to see the world between rhythms and scores. The walls are tattooed with the names of groups and figures that marked a milestone in music, as to keep them always alive. In the middle of the immense paintings and notes there is a site similar to a park where students almost always study or refine their instruments. You can sit and remain silent, but maybe music makes your world suddenly.

It is a school apparently equal to all, but meeting students like Laura Esther Riverol Mitchel, can make a difference for those who do not know much about music. Her spirit of sacrifice, visible to the naked eye, does not go unnoticed when you are there. It resembles a sculptor polishing his best work or a teacher teaching his graduation class. She is constant, eternally in love with the path she chose for her life. The violin seems to be his first love and promises to remain the most faithful.

Laura, referred by her teachers, is one of the best students of the second year of violin. It is hard to talk to her without giving you a loving and innocent smile typical of her 16 years. Most commonly, she receives you by rubbing the strings of his violin. She is dedicated and as she confesses there is nothing she enjoys more than music. Playing the violin is how it feels best. Studying does not represent an obligation for her, but a pleasure and an eternal space to join the passion that fills her being.

She started in a choir with only three years of age, at seven he rubbed the strings of a violin for the first time and at eight he was already part of the Vocational School of Arts of Matanzas. She dreams of pursuing higher education at the ISA (Higher Institute of Art) and thanks the teachers of the violin chair very much for their demand because it makes them better students every day. It is an exceptional love for this young woman with her instrument.  It is the loyalty to all evidence and dedication to the point of touching it on the street or inside his house, when leaving school. I strive to know her deeply as one who seeks to understand everything without losing a single detail.

Laura talks about how much she enjoys pizzicatos, and especially those of Leroy Anderson, like the one titled Plin Plan Plun. She is already in a little hurry, getting ready for a math class and although she doesn’t remember if she did the homework now, her violin steals her attention and exceeds the importance of homework.








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