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A race for love.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 septiembre, 2019

She says that the legs no longer accompany her to return from Monday to Friday to the classroom and that, in addition, she must take care of the “big girl” who gave her life, but there is no beginning of the school year that is lost; Isabel González is a must to be in the Paso del Medio school when the pioneers return in September.

“I have to be here, I am comforted to participate, I accompany my grandchildren and I also represent the Communist Party of Cuba as secretary of the zonal nucleus of retirees,” says: that who was my second grade teacher at Samuel Fernández Elementary, on the periphery of the city ​​of Matanzas.

«My desire is to return to the classroom, too bad I can’t stand all the time, but I wouldn’t do it because of the welcome salary increase, because the teacher’s is not a profession for money, it’s a career for love,» said the Cuban 64 years old who dedicated 42 years of life to teaching, three of them after retirement.

I remember that on the way out, many times, the children who, together with Isabel, were returning home, were speeding up the pace or slowing it down as she announced: «Fast … slow … fast … slow …» and it seemed that the journey was shrinking; teachers have that virtue, to enhance skills and teach to see and do from various perspectives.

“Alexa starts preschool, Aram will attend fifth grade and Yenifer sixth; I come to accompany you because the course also begins for the family, ”she told me consciously of the support that from home must be offered to the school.

It is Yenifer who invites children to the firm position to greet the flag of the lonely star and sing the Bayamo Anthem, children and adults are attentive and among them my second grade teacher, while looking at the granddaughter, cannot help The bloom of a smile.










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