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New school year.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 septiembre, 2019

And the news of the day is the beginning of the school year. Nothing so important for the men and women of the Greater Antilles, that on this September 2nd, children, adolescents and young people resumed their student life and returned to the classroom.

Previously the authorities of the sector announced that the study materials and almost all of the educational centers were ready. Similarly, the teaching and non-teaching staff is prepared to take on the challenge of educating and instructing future generations.

And I hope so. I take advantage of the beginning and call for reflection. I think it is the right time to stop and meditate on «some bad practices», which become vices, lacerate the teaching-educational process.

To mention a few I quote the volume of the voice. Because I am convinced that on more than one occasion it has passed near a school, mainly at the primary level, and it is frightened by the screams it hears.

It is true that a high tone must be used to refer to an audience, but be careful! The teachers are mirrors, guides, examples that daily impose their seal on those who spend almost eight hours in front of them.

From there comes the importance of leading by example. Because not only do I mean the cries that are so harmful to everyone, I also talk about what is said in those messages so loud and unpleasant, that they harm and mark, mainly, the little ones.

We have excellent education professionals, competent and very dedicated to their work. These qualities distinguish them and place them in a special place among Cuban workers.

So that the opening of this school period, also motivated by the salary increase, which congratulations came to the sector, renew methods and styles that far from contributing detract from the prestige of the educational system.

In Matanzas classrooms may rein exemplarity and good knowledge.

That the more than two thousand teachers in Matanzas continue to bring knowledge to the students of the different levels of teaching to realize the words of the Apostle when he said: “To educate is to deposit in every man all the human work that has preceded him: it is to do each man summarizes the living world, until the day in which he lives: it is to place it at the level of his time, so that it floats on him, and not to leave it below his time, with which he cannot leave afloat; is to prepare man for life. »








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