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Lorenzo Padilla, the brushes, life!

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 4 septiembre, 2019

When you walk along Jovellanos Street, between Contreras and Milanés, in the city of Matanzas, it is impossible to look inside the ground floor of the new building of the Daniel Dall’Aglio School of Crafts, because there colors attract vitality And the good vibes.

In the air the smell of watercolors and fillings for canvases is perceived, from the street you see the master Lorenzo Padilla in his workshop, many times he is seen, shirtless and painting, always painting.

I respectfully hug myself at the gate of his art venue and embed my head between the bars boldly, and ask for «another» interview for Radio 26 with a pleading smile. And he says yes, and he makes me pass as if he knew me all my life! Padilla loves to talk …

After his return to the Matanzas homeland, the plastic artist feels a deep gratitude with the City Conservator’s Office, an institution that donated this place located in the newly renovated School of Craft of Matanzas, with the aim of facilitating the creative process to the teacher Padilla

In this place, Lorenzo paints his paintings without rest, and opens the doors every morning as who invites the passing visitor, the curious pedestrian, the art lover, all the Matanzas.   In this enclave, Padilla dreams of establishing a library with valuable copies that he has about plastic arts: “I hope that they have just assembled the library, some details are missing, but I have many books that I want to share with people, and I have them all in a huge mess , and with that I plan to contribute a little to raising the education and general culture of my people. ”

«After his last visit I have painted many paintings, I work all the time, my hand does not get tired» – he said.    Masks, an exhibition of various Matanzas artists nestled in the UNEAC branch, provoked the creativity of the painter, who on this occasion preferred to experiment with the performance and installation: “They invited me to participate in this exhibition, and I built a mask with recyclable materials: a bottle, gloves and some fabrics. ”

After his foray into the Intermittent Rivers Biennial, Master Padilla donated work materials to the provincial School of Plastic Arts of Rio Street: “I don’t consider myself a good teacher to teach new generations, because I am very traditional, and New boys are eager to embark on the flight, to innovate and create as it should be at all times, I already feel old for those generational encounters, if you ask me for advice I offer it with the greatest disposition, it is important that young people also listen to the advice of the elders ”.

The Padilla Foundation, directed by his grandson from Paris, also seeks his usual donations to maintain the connection with this city of rivers and bridges, and thus, with this trend they plan to build a Museum on the banks of the San Juan River, a chimera that still depends of organizational and structural issues of the institutions involved in it.    Regarding his creative line, the painter told Radio 26 that he always does a search before producing his work, searches his memories, the environment and life: “I recognize that the paintings I sell in Europe have values ​​higher than average possibilities of Cubans, that is why I am trying to get prices appropriate to our context, so that Cubans also buy Padilla canvases, the point is that the materials I use in my work, which any plastic artist uses are expensive and difficult acquisition, so I value the creators of our country who work against all the forecasts and impediments to exacerbate and protect the culture in Cuba. ”

As a child this man dreamed of being an icon of the arts: “I longed to be a great pianist, my father opposed, then I started to lean towards painting and I already dreamed of being a great artist of plastic, what my father He refused again and even called me gay because of it, (I never understood what relationship one thing had to the other). I had no choice but to face my father’s prejudices and take my path with integrity, that’s why I was born. ”

Lorenzo Padilla feels accompanied in Matanzas, although he confessed to feeling nostalgic for his other country: “Here I feel good and calm, people from all over the world interested in my creation come to visit me, but I spent so many years outside that I miss my Friends of “La Francia”, I have lost many friends, at my age and many are leaving, and I am still lucky to stay, ”he concluded.





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