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Streamline procedures in Notaries and Civil Registry Offices of Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 9 septiembre, 2019

In Matanzas, as in the whole country, the procedures in Notaries and Offices of the Civil Registry were expedited since new regulations and instructions of the Ministry of Justice (MINJUS) entered into force since September 1, in order to raise the quality of services offered to the population in these units.

In accordance with the provisions of resolution 137/2019 of MINJUS published last August in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba, 48 documents are reduced delivery time by three, five, eight and even ten days.

This was explained to Radio 26, Antonio Abel Fuentes Rodríguez, specialist of the Department of Notaries in the Provincial Directorate of Justice.

“As of now 41 documents have terms of solution on their own day or between six and seven days, according to their complexity; while the rest, from six to ten days. It will only take about 20 days for the inheritance declaration process of heirs, since it requires legal representation and testimony with a referral to the Prosecutor if applicable,”said the specialist.

According to him, the new regulation establishes as a novelty that in special cases, such as older adults, pregnant women, people with disabilities or who have to travel from very remote areas, notarial procedures can be expedited and delivered before the time established by the new law.

“Each case has its particularity and must have personalized advice from the notary. With the new law, the act of document qualification and filing of the matter in the Single Book is also simplified, which translates into time savings… In addition, it is maintained that consultations to evacuate doubts from the population are free and that the Notary must provide adequate and timely advice … These are guarantees of protection of citizens’ rights that are embodied in the new Constitution of the Republic, ”said the young lawyer.

In the same way that services are improved in the Matanzas notaries, some procedures of the Civil Registry are simplified, in accordance with the stipulations of instruction No. 4 of the Ministry of Justice, also published in the Official Gazette.

This other legal norm establishes the delivery of the certification when a marriage is consummated or a birth occurs. The instituted modifications will contribute to diminish the processes of correction of errors or omission of data in these important documents, as it exposes to Radio 26 Jeydis Fernández Martínez de Valdivieso, head of the Registration activity in the Provincial Directorate of Justice.

“In the province we have four maternal hospitals, where registration offices are enabled; with the new legislation, the greatest benefit will be for the parents, who receive in the health institution where their baby is born a birth registration by trade to use it in various procedures, in that document the identification of the girl or boy will be literally exposed”.

The specialist warned about the importance of selecting in advance an appropriate name for the baby and said that both parents must be present at the time of registration when there is no official marriage; otherwise the presence of one is sufficient.

“As for marriage certifications, they will also be delivered at weddings held in the Marriage Palaces and in the Civil Registries at the end of the marriage ceremony, in order to prove the formalization of the marital union. In the case of couples who attend notarial entities, another of the institutions where the marriage can be formalized must wait a term of seven days to receive their certification, because it entails sending the authorized copy of the deed and the marriage file to the registration office for registration,”said Fernández Martínez de Valdivieso.

Finally, he emphasized the importance that both in marriage and in the registration of the newborn, clients provide the data for the certifications well and keep these important documents for the future and thus avoid forgetting data such as volume, page and date.

Like resolution 137, MINJUS instruction 4 was drafted taking into account the opinions of the population in order to facilitate and improve the services offered by Notaries and Registry Offices. Both standards establish a substantial improvement in the processing of the request for documents with the quality, ethics, professionalism and efficiency demanded by citizens in the country.







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