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Public transport in the spotlight.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 septiembre, 2019

-Driver, why did you lie? A young woman asked the driver of a Transmetro bus when she got off at the René Fraga park stop in the city of Matanzas.

-With me in Peñas Altas there was a lady who was going to the hospital, you said she came to José Luis Dubrock Pre-University; the poor woman did not go up and now announces that she arrives at Faustino.

Then the driver babbled a few words and, despite not convincing anyone, he believed himself with all the right and reason in the world. Scene that is repeated again and again and…

It is hard to believe that in the midst of situations as difficult as the one we are living with public transport, indolence and abuse continue. Abuse yes, because lying about the fate of a vehicle is mistreating. And, unfortunately, this is not an isolated event, it happens quite frequently.

But I don’t think it’s the worst case, there are many sadder and more amazing. For example: to continue on these same buses, it is known that its state mission is to transfer workers who attend tourism in Varadero, but, friends, it shakes the heart to see how they circulate with only one or two passengers returning to Versailles; precisely, a neighborhood that has a very difficult situation with transportation. And the outrage becomes stronger when they pass by the René Fraga park, a place where a large number of workers gather to return home after a workday.

We must also mention the drivers of light vehicles belonging to the state that still ignore the collection points full of people eager to move to different places in the city of Matanzas. I don’t think it’s enough to publish in a weekly a list of license plate numbers of state cars that don’t share their trips with others.

It is true that they have located inspectors a few meters after a few stops to correct the attitude of those who make the foreign people’s particular. But that is not enough, because it only covers some areas and in a few hours, of course, these men and women are not enough to cover the entire Yumurian city and have other obligations.

It is time to adopt more severe measures to alleviate the transport situation. The issue goes beyond the transport sector; it is up to Party and Government executives to implement measures that make the movement of passengers more viable. We hope that this is the case and together with the measures arouse the feelings of solidarity and altruism that have always characterized the Cubans.






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