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Protect what protects us.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 septiembre, 2019


The recovery of the ozone layer after the holes discovered in the 80s of the twentieth century, reveals how much can the programs in which the nations of the world intervene responsibly contribute.

In Matanzas, as explained by Froilán Dueñas, specialist of the Territorial Delegation of CITMA, today we are working on the real evaluation that the province has with the refrigeration and climate equipment that contain exhausting gases of that natural umbrella that protects the Earth from ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Having this updated survey allows the country to correctly implement the agreements of the Kigali amendment.

«Kigali is a rectification of the Montreal Protocol where a group of agreements were adopted in relation to the ozone layer that begin to be applied as of the year 2020.»

These are important steps in efforts to definitely reduce greenhouse gases, to which Cuba joins concrete actions.

“On the 18th we will hold a workshop with specialists from the National Statistics and Information Offices (ONEI) and the Ozone Technique to explain the details of how that survey should be carried out, which will constitute an essential update for the actions to be applied later.

“For this reason, CITMA specialists, the Statistical Directorate with their representatives in the municipalities of Matanzas, the Provincial Directorate of Commerce and, fundamentally, the Services Company, which is the one with the refrigeration workshops and equipment, are summoned to the workshop”


And there are things that can be apply from theory to practice for the health of the planet.    “Once that work is finished, the country will be able to plan the actions for the prevention of gases and other works that have diminished after that great program that, promoted by the Commander-in-Chief, was developed in Cuba to replace the domestic refrigerators and air conditioners that contained depleting gases of the ozone layer ”.






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