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They exchanged a good for a bad.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 septiembre, 2019

I do not want to say whether the determination to disrupt the fences that neighbors have built in front of multifamily buildings is correct or incorrect, whether or not it affects the public ornament or whether or not it disturbs the neighborhood.

Each measure that is adopted must have a logical and collegial analysis, where the pros and cons are analyzed, where it is determined whether it adds or subtracts in public opinion and whether or not it is convenient to apply it.

After a multidisciplinary team reaches a consensus, what to do can be determined. I believe that this determination complied with all these steps, because if it was not so then it could be considered a feast, something that I would not even want to think about.

Lugo that the determination was adopted should come a logistic analysis where it is determined who will be responsible for demolishing the fences, who is responsible for collecting the debris, which body is responsible for disposing of the waste product of the demolition and thus every step.

From this last point I am sure that there was no study and a concrete agreement, because if the cast Camilo Cienfuegos, of the city of Matanzas, had not been presented today, it would not present the image of dirt and stacking of this waste in the streets, sources of Vector breeding, so dangerous at this time of year.

Now they cannot come with that there is no oil to collect the debris generated by the demolitions, because everything had to come coupled and if there were no material conditions to face the task, there could be no demolition. They wanted to do good and it turned out bad.







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