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Matanzas youth soccer team strengthened.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 septiembre, 2019

Although broadly the football team continues this season with its original base, since the beginning of the course three important pieces joined the youth team, they according to the manager will raise the technical quality of the team.

“These are athletes with experience in international events, defending the colors of the Island; they come from the school category and belong to the national team. We look forward to these boys, their presence there allows them to play football at another level and I am sure they will know how to transmit their knowledge to the rest”.

For  Matanzas, who were fourth in the last edition of the championship, beating the Villa Clara team will be the key to achieving the first ranking of their group in this campaign, because precisely those in the center of the country influenced their departure from the Podium this year.

According to Novas Jiménez, although players from Las Villas were a difficult opponent during the qualifying stage, this was due among other reasons to the injury due to the injury of four of their regular players, forcing him to make reforms in the usual 11. It recognizes, however, healthy rivalry between both teams.

“That always exists in sports, and the case of us with Villa Clara is good. We beat them and vice versa, but the important thing is the stimulus of rivalry. Also safe this year the Championship will be superior in this regard, taking into account the programming of the World Cup in this category for next year which constitutes an incentive for the players of each team; because the call is open and everyone will fight for a position”.

On the other hand, the school selection under the aegis of Francisco Sildas González, aspires to do the same in its category. The task is somewhat more difficult, as this course adds new athletes, and the work must be more intense.

“It is necessary to improve the technical knowledge of the newly included, while teaching them the game and other lessons. We must make the most of the preseason, we have already started to apply the training plans, but the key is in the number of matches we manage to make”.

For Sildas González, the greatest advantage of football, which he considers a social phenomenon, is the ease to practice it, only a ball and a terrain are required. However, he points out that while in Cuba, the also known as the most Universal of sports does not yet reach the levels of preference that it registers in the world, we can say that thanks to the media, the interest of Cubans in football has increased and this should be used for the growth of that sport.

In the international scenarios the performance is somewhat discreet, if we could call the 24 goals scored in Cuban goals this year in international events, the most unfortunate have been against the teams of Mexico and Canada. But baseball has done the same in this regard, and in what way, outside the National Series show few joys it has offered in recent years.

This is a bad symptom of collective sports, so popular within the Island which refers us to the base, where the work of the activists must be stimulated and the number of matches in the qualifying stages of the championships must be increased.












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