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The strengths of this historic moment.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 septiembre, 2019

We live a different time. This is not the 90s of the last century. The Cuban nation has advanced in many lines that strongly influence current events. It does not matter that the hostility of the United States on the beautiful Caribbean Island fits like hot iron. We do not give in, as we never did. Much more when we now breathe an environment with greater possibilities of progress.

If these years of the present century are analyzed, it is observed that the economic and social situation has turned towards broader and more comprehensive paths that allow facing adversities with other perspectives.


As President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez expressed, the agreements of the Communist Party of Cuba regarding the economic and social model of the country lead to assess that there are concrete decisions that recognized the expansion of the market to international ranks with investments and sale of products and services ; the presence of different forms of ownership was formalized, which diversify production and trade, previously fully institutionalized; There is a strong will for Science to lead many of the productive processes of the territories to which the generalization of research in addition to local development, in addition to other long-range plans such as the Task Life.

In my opinion, it is worth highlighting an essential detail: Cubans’ own thinking has changed significantly. Individual positions of waiting for someone to solve the problems of home and family are now assumed with another more entrepreneurial and active vision.

There are always people who need attention because of their age or physical or economic limitations, but who enjoy good health, qualification and intelligence, adopt an attitude of facing difficulties with a mentality of commitment superior to other moments.

This new era in which imperialism is desperate to maintain its world dominance and when in the United States an interference and hegemonic position by the Trump administration is deployed, the patriotic unity around the Revolution needs to be maintained.

Therefore, the task indicates increasing savings, making the most of the resources in each entity, performing in the working day and not leaving matters for tomorrow, serving the population well, helping us to pass this situation that fundamentally affects transport, prevent unscrupulous individuals to profit from the needs of others.

It is a collective attitude, which deserves respect and participation especially when a citizen claims a right that benefits everyone and there are people who do not support it because of fear or what I call the syndrome of the subjugated, tolerant and tolerant of the wrongdoing.

If someone in this world has the virtue of resisting and moving forward in the face of adversity that is the Cuban. It is not a slogan. It is the history of the nation that demonstrates this sublime condition of maintaining hope and the desire to build a society as we deserve, after so many years of constant struggle and the Revolution as a paradigm for many oppressed beings in the world.




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